Sponsership of Dalit Children
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About Us

Tel: (559) 226-7349
Cell: (559) 312-5984

E-mail: witnessingministry@sbcglobal.net
Or: witnessingministriesofchrist@gmail.com 

Witnessing Ministries of Christ is a tax-exempt, charitable organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revnue Code. It files Form 990 annually. In India, non-profit charitable tax-exempt organizations file returns required by Indian law.

The policy of the Board of Witnessing Ministries of Christ is to spend at least 90 percent of your donations for the actual field work. 100 percent of the children's sponsorship donations are spent on the children.

Our philosophy is to help people so they can stand on their own feet. This is the reason we educate children to make them fully capable to learn and earn their own living and not need further help from their families.

The Exodus Christian Presbyterian Church is a fellowship of Dalit Christians. The offerings of the member congregations subsidize the children's program as well as pay for the expenses incurred in the performance of religious responsibilities.



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